Split Wood?

Seen on a sign near the 
Woodstock (Connecticut) Fair 9/7/98:

Seasoned Firewood

$110 a cord

of wood 
with fossil fuels
White Oak is one of the best firewoods, containing about 31 billion joules per cord  ( Table ).  Therefore one dollar buys you about 280 million joules.  A high-quality woodstove puts about 60% of that, about 170 MJ into the house.

(A cord is an eight-foot long four-foot high stack of four-foot logs, making 128 cubic feet of wood and air space.)

Gasoline contains about 140 million joules per gallon ( Table, fuel oil a bit more, perhaps 150 MJ per gallon.  An oil-burning furnace puts about 80% of that, 120 MJ into the house.  The fuel oil presently costs about 80 cents per gallon.  Therefore, one dollar delivers about 150 MJ into the house, versus 170 MJ from firewood.

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