Nuclear Support

Support for nuclear power:

It's strong in spite
of all the anti-nuclear 

... and strongest of all among scientists
Hysterical anti-nukes get lots of media attention, but they do not represent the majority opinion.  Overall, 61% of the public favors nuclear power, and 65% of college graduates favor nuclear power. (Bisconti Research: See Nuclear News, Sept., 1998)

The survey had numerous categories (Men, Women, Generation-X, Boomers, The Silent Generation, Democrats, Republicans), among whom only two showed less support for nuclear power among college graduates than among the general public in that category.  Among Democrats 55% of the college graduates were in favor, but 58% of the non-college graduates were.  For Generation-X, the percentages were 56% and 58% respectively.

Among Republicans, 73% of the graduates are pro-nuclear and 67% of non-graduates are.

Missing from the study: a category for college graduates with strong backgrounds in science, where nuclear support is usually very strong.

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