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NCSU Solar Panel

Daily performance

Peak isn't average
North Carolina State University gives an estimate of the day-by-day power outut from a 50 Watt Panel in Raleigh N.C.  The panel faces south and is tipped at 35º from the horizontal. 

During July, there are 5.41 hours of peak sun, and some sort of (thermal?) degradation factor applies (8%).  The result is 249 watt-hours per day. 

In December, the panel will produce 161 watt-hours per day. 

These figures for the "50-watt" panel amount to day-long averages of 10.4 watts in July and 6.7 watts in December. 

Go Solar! Yeah!

data from:  http://www.ncsc.ncsu.edu/
(North Carolina State University)

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