Millstone Unit 2 Restart, More

Court orders delay in restart of Millstone-2
Fishy excuse for delay

Where's Millstone Point?

Other reasons for fish

There was a court-ordered delay in the restart of Millstone Unit 2.  So-called "environmentalists" complained that fish stocks in Long Island would be reduced --- and had been reduced --- because fish and eggs alike would be (were) ground up by the machinery that pulls in Sound water to cool the reactor.

Have a look at a map and just try to find Millstone Point.  It occupies a tiny fraction of the coast line of Long Island Sound on the southern coast of Connecticut.  If it killed all of the fish within a mile of the intake, it would still have a minuscule effect on the fish population of the Sound.

But look at it another way.  Fish stocks are being depleted on the East Coast, The West Coast, the Grand Banks ... everywhere you can name.  Some people would go so far as to say that fish nets tens of miles in length, run by huge fishing vessels from the US, Canada, Portugal, England, Norway, Japan (and about every country that has access to the sea) might have something to do with depleting fish stocks.

One suspects the agenda of the Fish Protectorate was other than protecting fish.

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