Windmills: Grandpa's Knob

Electricity from windmills

Grandpa's Knob in Vermont was the site of a large (1.5 megawatt) electricity-producing windmill just before World War-II.  It was finished on October 19th, 1941, and produced electricity for 16 months before a blade failure disabled the windmill.  

In a total of 695 hours of operation, it produced just under 300,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. 

In 16 months, there are over 11,000 hours, of which the windmill actually operated for 695, about 6% of the total hours. 

The electrical production was about 300,000 kWh.  A true 1.5 megawatt producer of electricity working for the same 695 hours would produce over 1,000,000 kWh, so when the windmill was actually operating, its output was about 30% of capacity. 

Overall, the output was 6% of 30% of capacity, namely about 2% of the output one should expect from a 1.5 MW unit operating around the clock at full capacity.

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