Norwegian Non-Power
After all options are ruled out

... what's left?

There are many ways to generate electicity, but what happens when benighted politicians rule out all of them?

Most of Norway's electrical power comes from hydropower, as one would expect from the Land of the Fjords.  But that's not always enough.  Norway needs more power, occasionally, than they can get from their hydro.

What to do?  If they buy power from Sweden, then they are "guilty" of contributing to global warming, because Sweden's power comes from fossil fuels, including the dreaded coal.  A plan was afoot to build a natural-gas power plant in Norway, but the Prime Minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik, ruled out that option --- and all others.  Global warming, as all Norwegians know, might make more of their country useful for farming, and that would be terrible.

The Norwegian Parliament overruled Bondevik; a power station will be built to burn natural gas to provide elctricity.  Bondevik and his cabinet resigned.

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