How nukes kill fish: 
It's not what you think

Clinton power plant shuts down

Fish die

Your EPA at work!

Dr. Thomas Phipps of Urbana, IL, was kind enough to send an article from the local News-Gazette (3 Feb., 2001) describing the death of some bottom-feeding fish.  During a routine check of the Clinton nuclear power plant a circuit board malfunctioned on December 18, “causing a shutdown.”  Obviously the plant was able to run with the faulty circuit, so the shutdown was “caused” by human decision (wisely or unwisely).  The plant remained shut down for four days.  

The result was that the water in the 5000-acre (2025 hectare) Clinton Lake cooled down “suddenly” because it wasn’t being heated by warm discharge water from the nuke.  Fish died.
To quote from the News-Gazette, “The EPA may also impose fines once the Illinois Department of Natural Resources determines how much the fish were worth.”  (Guilt is settled.  Punishment is to be determined.  It’s your EPA at work.)

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