Note from a Wind Worshipper


A Lout can't remember the name of Harry Truman

When you can't say anything intelligent, resort to Ad-hominem arguments.


The following two paragraphs come from an anonymous lout.

"Reading Dr. Hayden's anti-wind energy stance reminds us somewhat of the cantankerous old hillbilly who lived close to Mount St. Helens before it erupted. When the vulcanologists said it was time to evacuate, the hillbilly refused to oblige; he became something of a national hero for his stubbornness - sadly he was killed in the eruption when it came."

"Dr Hayden, in what looks to us like hillbilly science, propagates such nonsense as 'if you want power, you (need to) wait for the wind (to blow).' Does Dr Hayden seriously believe that the wind stops blowing everywhere at once? Wind undoubtably [sic] has a large role to play in a modern, renewable electricity generating grid."

Of course, that comment is utterly irrelevant to the homeowner who lives in a remote location and has a wind turbine that responds to the local wind.  People want power when they flick on a switch, not when the wind blows. 

But do large areas lose wind simultaneously?  

Let us ask the opposite:  Are there ever any storms that extend over thousands of square miles?  Yes.  We hear about hurricanes because they are dramatic events that cover huge areas.

We don't normally hear about calm air covering huge areas, because the event is not dramatic.  However, it does indeed happen.  When it does, power must come from somewhere.

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