Can't defeat 'em?  Try to buy them out


When you can't say anything intelligent, resort to Ad-hominem arguments.


... and attack their supposed sources of income.  CFACT and Heartland are not mine as Richard insinuates, but I know that their major contributors are private citizens; Big Oil contributes a minuscule percentage.

Heartland has offered Al Gore his going rate (something like $200,000) to attend a conference and give a talk.  He refuses, as do almost all climate alarmists: they just can't deal with facts. 

By way of contrast, the total amount Heartland has paid to all speakers at all 7 climate conferences is not enough to run a McDonald's for a year.


From: Richard
Subject: Domain


Would you consider selling your domain ?

Kind Regards, Richard

Howard (Cork) Hayden
To: Richard
Subject: RE: Domain





From: Richard

Thanks for your reply.

 Side note:

I really hope you have changed your opinion since this video was released. 

 Its sad that you are supposed to represent some of the intellectually elite in this country, yet you peddle a completely fabricated story to your students and anyone else who'll listen.

 Not surprised that the only people who fund your "Committee for a constructive tomorrow" and "Heartland Institute" are big oil. But hell why not take their money? You wont be the one who has to suffer the consequences.

Climate realist, Richard



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